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Maria A. Giacalone, DC



Dr. Maria A. Giacalone received her Doctorate of Chiropractic from NYCC in 1991, after passing rigorous national and state examinations to achieve licensing. Dr. Giacalone is licensed in her home state of New York, as well as, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, where she previously practiced her profession prior to relocating to Las Vegas in 1994. Although it is mandatory to continue classes after licensure, she has continued her education with 1 full year of REHABILITATION and one year of SPORTS INJURIES, as well as classes in a multitude of areas including nutrition.


Dr. Giacalone comes from a family of Chiropractic Physicians, where the profession has been nurtured and enjoyed by her family for over 40 years in the states of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


Practice Information

Our practice specializes in treating a variety of conditions, from chronic low back and neck pain to rehabilitation following an accident or sports injury. We can also provide information about improving your diet, creating a healthier workplace, and increasing the overall quality of your health.

Chiropractic Philosophy

The chiropractic perspective on health and disease emphasizes two fundamental concepts:

    1) the structure and condition if the body influences how the body functions and it's ability to heal itself;

    2) the mind-body relationship is instrumental in maintaining health and in the healing process.

Although chiropractic shares much with other professions, it's emphasis and application of philosophy distinguishes it from modern medicine.

Chiropractic philosophy is a holistic ("total person") approach to healing which combines elements of the mind, body and spirit and maintains that health depends on obedience to natural laws, and that deviation from such laws can result in illness.

Yes, we do eliminate pain- which is how most people identify the need for Chiropractic care, but we do so much more. We address ways to improve and maintain you health through diet, nutition and exercise. Guest speakers are invited monthly to further your education on different health related topics pertinent to your overall wellness.

While eliminating pain and restoring function to patients suffering from Personal Injury cases and Sports Injuries, we also treat infants, children, maternity moms, athletes and senior citizens. Whether you suffer from a highly stressed casino position, construction or day labor worker or just sit at a computer all day, Dr Maria and staff will assist in de-stressing you from head to toe.

NON FORCE Techniques, as well as Traditional adjustments are utilized within the clinic to accommodate all patients from children to those in their golden years so they may enjoy the benefits of Chiropractic with total comfort.

We accept most insurances; we offer cash plans for those individuals who do not currently enjoy health care coverage and whole family plans too. We accept Master Card and Visa.